A New Day

A new day is born
The snowbird sings of the spring.

The earthly pilgrimage
Responds to heaven and hell’s spell.

A fine evening elixir is drunk
From the lovers’ well.

A baby sun enlightens the morning
The shivering frailty is casted down the river

Last cremation is full of remembrance
Not a tear lost without a story to bear

A jolly night bird sings of the morning
In waking spirit of the aching hour.

The rituals are sacred under the day sun
Even a single day has its upbringing.

The night tells of pain,
The morning wakes up in jocund company

Of bright vivid flowery spring,
With not a fare-thee-well gesture

Only to keep returning
And flower like garland of smiles.




Copyright Sushant Thapa
Biratnagar, Nepal
Picture Nick Victor






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