A Pimple on the Lip of Time (Scribbles from Lockdown )




Five A. M. Scooby snacks fever chills

Pockets Warhol   beads his brain.




The hollow blow of ghost trains  and a salmon toned sun candles the sky with sickly light .




On  the goggle- box little gods

pop sacred testaments




And  a thong of cherry pink blossoms crown empty streets


Billionaire tax exiles  have applied for

Universal Credit




The  glitter of cleaners, nurses,  teachers, carers ,and doctors shall shoulder the cost

A fault  line  splinters between the haves and have nots


Oh, believers don’t ya remember

everyone’s as equal as the teeth of a



We’re all the same now 




Tricksters radiate


Eat cow shit !   Drink three litres of pink Himalayan salt water   ! Soften  those purse lips  with gold milk

Get high or die!

Is 95% of  your life a lie ?

The parasitic belch of the hoarders

leave us with wine -dark faces




Doom : Muttering scriptures at a Big Fat  Pink Moon

Oh, believers can you see

the blood of the innocents pistol the arms of the  weeping  money tree




After April rains, a screen of colonized

smiles try to stagger past the wheeze of death 




Truth is buried in law and data

We’re all begging Lady Luck for a long sweet  deep kiss

Those that survive

Keep the sequins of hope alive …



“Where are you?” They  cry

“Purgatory”  He sighs

As the circular plague of Time

nooses the skull of his mind .






saira viola
Artwork eNdO 

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