A Road Map to the New Eden

At the breathless river, we are passionate, making our hazy way to a truly exceptional land. We weigh water to transform gravity, some of which might not have initially considered air to be realistic or attainable. To achieve this, we collect pebbles and grind them – small, small, small – for ages into ice, with a story and a song which helps them to flourish and exceed their own experiences of night. We spend everything but frogs in achieving this perfect equity, which is nevertheless wholly dependent upon the market, with its dust, its times, and its raincoats. We do all this so that that the ripples we create, and the blood in which we recruit, engage anecdotally and manageably with all contingencies. Our bang is key in supporting the quad of our bodies and crucial to us retaining a thriving, sustainable share of the flood. We are committed to ensuring that life remains professional, and that those who may seek to join us understand from our very bodies what our life is: that is, a living life of positive educational enrichment which wants to take our nervous systems beyond story and make them relevant to employers. Our everything is to develop and innovate, whereby nothing will be empowered, developed, or supported. Everyone will be expected to deliver against clearly defined absence, strongly aligned to our strategic hiatus.





Oz Hardwick
Photo Nick Victor



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