A Timeline Of The Plague Year


A Comprehensive Record of the UK Government’s Response to Covid


Compiled by Ian Sinclair & Rupert Read (edited by Joanna Booth), A Timeline Of The Plague Year is a comprehensive record of the ‘national scandal’ that’s taken place in the UK.

‘Rupert Read and Ian Sinclair clinically expose a failure of the state to protect the citizen through lack of preparedness, indecision and delay that has led to the worst loss of life in this country since the Second World War. Their timeline pulls no punches and spares no reputations. It will form part of the framework that will help us understand what happened to us and create accountability for those that held that power.’

  – Andy Towler, retired senior police officer


‘Sinclair and Read have done something really important here: they have assembled a detailed record of the responses to Covid since it hit the UK. Equipped with this information, readers can make their own minds up about who is responsible for the disaster that has unfolded since March 2020. This “neutral” fact based approach might succeed where other approaches have failed: finding a way of convincing those who remain uncertain or skeptical about the Government’s culpability for this monstrous tragedy. When you read this clear, factual timeline of events with an unprejudiced eye, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that the Government response was often complacent, mistaken, delayed and flawed, causing tens of thousands of avoidable deaths.’

   – Peter Tatchell, human rights campaigner


‘This timeline is timely! We desperately need to examine and understand what the government did and did not do in the face of this pandemic. We need to know were they negligent, incompetent or worse that is, guilty of pursuing policies that endangered the population? This book helps us decide. Please read it. Our lives depend on it. It might happen again.’

   – Michael Rosen, poet, and author



Available as a free PDF here:  https://covidtheplagueyear.files.wordpress.com/2021/05/a-timeline-of-the-plague-year-a-comprehensive-record-of-the-uk-governments-response-to-print.pdf


Also available as a free ebook or print copy from Lulu.com

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