A Tour of Hell


The Hell Bus is coming to a population centre near you!

I made a short documentary about my visit to Nigeria last month. It’s now on YouTube, I’ll also be showing it in Glasgow on the 20th September as part of my exhibition at The Alchemy Experiment, more details below.

I’ve also been discussing the possibility of making a Hell Bus in the Niger Delta later this year, for use by Ogoni anti-Shell activists. More on that in the next newsletter!




25th-29th Sept – SHEFFIELD – Theatre Deli

30th Sept – 4th Oct – MANCHESTER – St. Anne’s Square

7th – 8th Oct – LIVERPOOL – TWT @ The Black E

9th – 11th Oct – LEEDS – Leeds University TBC

12th – 13th Oct – BIRMINGHAM Kings Heath National Spiritual Church

14th – 15th Oct – BIRMINGHAM – Second Saturday Festival

22nd-23rd Sept – OXFORD – TBC (Need a parking space!)

16th – 18th Sept – ESSEX – University campus TBC

30th Oct – 1st Nov – BRISTOL – Location TBC

I’ve only been able to do this thanks to a collaboration with the activist groups Ad Free Cities and SwitchIt.Green, both fantastic campaigns that I’m delighted to be working alongside and can hopefully direct some eyeballs towards. They’ve been doing all the heavy-lifting of logistics and planning, leaving me to get on with fixing up the Hell Bus.

In each city we’re planning on running an event of talks with myself and Ad Free/Switch.It which I’m really looking forward to. If you can help host or promote any of these events, especially in universities/colleges get in touch!

Which reminds me, massive thanks to everyone who chipped in towards the Hell Bus renovation crowdfunder on my website. It’s made it possible to fix some real problems with the bus and get it in ship shape for a proper tour.

I’ll keep the donations open until the end of the tour – all proceeds go towards making the Hell Bus even better/worse and keeping it on the road.


Massive thanks for any and all support!



Some people have quite rightly pointed out the problem of driving a polluting bus around the country in the name of shutting down an oil company, but that’s where the fascinating world of carbon offsets, credits, and trading come in. By paying someone, possibly you, one pound for you to promise not to buy and drive a bus around the country for a month, we have, theoretically at least, removed the carbon you could have generated out of the atmosphere, thus making the actual Hell Tour carbon neutral.

The free market, truly one of the most foremost innovators in
unbelievable bullshit ever created.

I will be running this as a competition, you can enter by paying £1 for entry here. You can enter as many times as you like, and the winner will be drawn at random. The winner gets £1 in a special commemorative display case I’ll make for you by the end of the tour. If you win and then do actually go and buy a bus and drive it around I will send you a stern email.




I’m coming back to Glasgow in September to do a solo exhibition of my prints at The Alchemy Experiment on Byres Road.

Opening night is 14th Sept 7-9pm.

I’ll also be doing a talk/screening there on Weds the 20th from 7pm-9pm, all free entry.



The Hell Bus Crew Jackets which were adapted by Kestra Laurent for Glastonbury this year got a lot of compliments so we decided to offer them for general sale for the rest of September. You can order one here. Kestra makes each one from real oil-worker overalls, which are flame retardant and feature things like a gas detector pocket?? Just what you never thought you needed.




Finally got the I Am Become Plastic t-shirts back from the printers yesterday so if you pre-ordered one it’s currently on its way to you.

I ordered a few extra to cover returns and mistakes so if you missed the pre-order you can still get one here.





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Eternal thanks to anyone who’s ever backed my work on Patreon or through the shop!

And thanks for reading!

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