Here’s a tale from the 60’s and 70’s
Of music’s holy trinity
Bob Dylan The Beatles and The Rolling Stones
And how they eluded me
For though I’ve seen multitudinous acts
None of those did I get to see

The Beatles stopped touring in ’66
The year I started getting live concert kicks
The Stones in Hyde Park July ’69
How well I remember that day
I’d dropped some acid
And couldn’t handle the crowd
So I left
Before they started to play

Bob Dylan takes the biscuit
I failed to see him (twice)
For an artist that’s been so important to me
I guess I’m still paying the price…

In ’69 (again)
At the Isle of Wight
Rubble could’ve paved the streets of Rome
I stuck it out for the first two days
Missed Bob
And caught the ferry back home

Almost ten years after
At Blackbushe in ’78
I was ready for the musical fray once more
But I had a lot of drugs
Piled onto my plate

It was quite a stellar line up
And (of course) Bob D. was the star
When he came on
I’d nodded out
On brown powder
In the back of a car…

If there’s a moral in this tale
I don’t know what it is
Except to say
All the world
Is a stage
And life?

It’s just show biz




Harry  Lupino




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