for Mark Steele exposing 5G radiation in Gateshead
accused of ‘alarming the public’

Go on, alarm the public, why don’t you
we need some shaking, waking up—
Wilberforce and Emily Pankhurst before you,
Tom Paine, Shelley—lifetimes given for truth—
but in a post-truth world where God is dead
you can convict a man in court for saying it like it is
about 5G in Gateshead microwaving children
with your vested interests and twisted logic,
backhanders and robotic travesties.
Do butterflies and birds that land
on top of lamp posts by the transmitters
really drop down lifeless ? You turn a blind eye,
and never mind the crime rate has risen like a tide,
no cause for alarm with denial like this
which is business as usual…and now a law
against alarming the public when all you do
is disturb our peace every day
with your pantomime stupidity,
so is it really any wonder
good people get angry ?

Warm as only the heart can be
this unsolicited passion our only hope
above seas of plastic, of migrants waving or drowning,
in a global warming of love.


Jay Ramsay


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One Response to A WARM FISH

    1. As ever timely, with a miraculous importunity, as Christopher Ricks once said of Beddoes. We need exhortative verses sadly for things like this not even making it into the news. It makes this stay news and resonates beyond its original brief.

      Comment by Simon Jenner on 25 September, 2018 at 4:40 pm

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