Heathcote Williams – “Advertisement” (featuring Frank Zappa & David Bowie with music by Anthony Braxton Quartet, Birds & Whales) from Taotekid on Vimeo.

« … according to Denis Diderot, the encyclopaedist and one of the principal mentors of the French Revolution, “Poetry must have something in it that is barbaric, vast and wild.” Why? Because it’s a space where you get to ask and to answer the fundamental questions, and this includes querying the social structure in all its aspects. If poetry isn’t revolutionary, it’s nothing. Poetry is heightened language, and language exists to effect change, not to be a tranquilizer. » – Heathcote Williams

– Heathcote Williams – “Advertisement” :

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– Anthony Braxton – “Composition 6 c” (currently out-of-print) :

Anthony Braxton : alto saxophone
George Lewis : trombone
Dave Holland : bass
Barry Altschul : drums, percussion

Discover/support Anthony Braxton’s ongoing work :
and legacy :

« Tri-Centric exists to vigorously advocate for the crucial role risk-taking art plays in maintaining the health and vibrancy of our culture. Through a commitment to innovation, self-sufficiency, and artistic ambition, the organization looks to create a new model of artist empowerment and offer a supportive community to those in pursuit of “trans-idiomatic” creativity.»

« Seek peace¹² and pursue IT »
– Psalm 34:14

Peace¹² x ∞¹² etc …


Video mash Eric Morabito

As Eric says (Heahcote made me do it when he told me : “Do please feel free to use any of my material in any way you choose”)


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