After ‘All the Whiskey in Heaven’

after all the whiskey in heaven  

i hate walls that have eyes
i hate eyes that have walls
i hate seas without deep sea fish
i hate deep sea fish without seas
i hate free will without programme
i hate programme without free will
i hate siege mentality with historic predeterminism
i hate mental siege with prehistoric determinism
i hate inner path without intellect
i hate intellect without inner path
i hate life for reproduction’s sake
i hate reproduction for life’s sake
i hate industry for production’s sake
i hate production for industry’s sake
i hate charity for celebrity’s sake
i hate celebrity for charity’s sake
i hate art for people’s sake and life-delimits-art
i hate people for art’s sake and art-delimits-life
i hate mutual exclusivity
i hate exclusive mutuality
i hate the red-billed chough who only praises the crow
i hate the crow who only praises the red-billed chough
i hate language as weapons of the powerless
i hate weapons as language of the powerful
i hate translations from literals
i hate literals from translations
i hate hates that won’t go away
i hate loves that stay
i hate to split pennies
i hate pennies that split
i hate eroticism without oral sex
i hate oral sex without eroticism
i hate pills before bedtime
i hate bedtime before pills
i hate clutters in the closet
i hate closets in the clutter
i hate yours truly
i hate truly yours


ko ko thett
Pic Nick Victor


‘All the Whiskey in Heaven’ is by Charles Bernstein

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