An Early Bath for the Monarchy


Will Prince Charles’s imminent succession
Mean an early bath for the monarchy?
An end to its stately enclaves of privilege –
To the wellspring of its idle hierarchy?

Charles sells Tornado jets to regimes who are known
To use them illegally to hit civilians
(As do the Saudis in Yemen), making war criminals
Of Saudi princes and royal reptilians.

Charles represents BAE systems and has benefited
From selling Saudis the Eurofighter Typhoon;
His fronting sales of £5.6 billion worth of weapons
Has led to the end of democracy in Bahrain.

According to a UNICEF report, since March 2015
Four hundred Yemeni children have been killed
The conflict escalated when Charles signed his Saudi deal –
Three children a day are killed by what he supplied. [1]

State control through executions and public floggings
Are the signature tunes of his chums.
Charles provides them with his devilish tools for cash
And makes himself as guilty as them.



Charles’s arms dealing antics now make him eligible
For a place in the dock at The Hague.
The royal spiv’s sales pitch makes a corpse mountain
Not hidden by his looking regally vague.


Heathcote Williams


[1] In a report titled “Yemen: Childhood Under Threat”, the UNICEF said that as many as 398 children have been killed and nearly 600 others sustained injuries since March 26, 2015


By Heathcote Williams

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