Don’t take it too seriously – headphones platinum timeless classic
Infinite far out reality installation, reliable missing at any price
Stick on and suck uncovered solutions eyelash extensions
Fix everything do nothing English classic Subtopian Materialism.
Life on the edge discover oddball scooters any time, anyhow, and
Forget media image of ordinary people and their ordinary kids, just
Call me your audio-visual wrap of the day. Personally love
Induction rattling chains exclusive away up, up and away.
Welcome another inside; introducing warning – People Watcher
No what you need is blazing away junk to be different

Designs nobody likes, fresh from one way. Ping! There goes my Wonderbra!
Handy map gallery forward united what, when dread push unreliable slogans
Supply cover up micro please, make space crystal lines, diversion ends
No entry. Free to go, get an angle horizons appliances, so-o
Twice as nice electrical feast overnight service, why don’t you…
Banish the memories think only hot favourites, too swotty? Too clever
By half? Nice little squirmer – I’m good, you? Wishing for something a bit
Out of office hours complete always obscure vision conditions peculiar
You bet, single file control signal Oooomph! What now? And yet…
All day, everyday solutions without boundaries, subwoofers or strobes.
Underneath the arches visions stylish bedrooms and much, much more.

Stepping out late arrival, body and soul action stations a touch of vintage.
OMG, I’m so retro! Dramatic delivery, urban adventures, ramp up the drama
Time destination centre pivot as you like, heading South-South West
Waxing tinting piercing tick box keep your cool.
Half-smile details quick an’ easy love it rainbow compulsion
Like self- service on wet roads route map for life. We’re just sitting here
Health and beauty, druggy music all reason off limits, ring and reserve
Just kids’ stuff. Swipe screen to power outage no joke. Under the arches of
The Modern World revolt in style, it’s the only way they say carry me to the car
Roses on my shoulder. Hello anything with real time on the timer, vanity
Brazen line of delight, stream of someone else, (or so it seems) parenthetically.

Except warning open flight collections hours high class right foundation.
Mirror circus half price floral themes instant rewards alternative
Tackle spread special en route centre your displaced persona right now
Standing half private nobody’s landscape ariels on fire too much. Conditions
Jabbering end of the line no more choose your logic, advance protect too much
Ultra low entertainment; all we care for, look out towards here so please
Inspect my gadgets for free galore, save your forward last minute thank you!
One way trashy street turning solutions everything nothing certified ritzy
Feel good same day performances, standing room only or icons of sleaze
Send unique armchair most comfortable, lovers or for you almost stark naked,
Directing traffic made simple and up-to-the-minute nice pussy-bow shirt.


And yet, open flight except where high class tackle special displace
Nobody’s half private standing please so free my gadgets last forward minute
Galore send money travel armchair better unique last sitting here take it far too
Seriously ha ha yeah yeah but reality infinite installation music druggy
Am I dreaming? Contact horny fag on the go most wonderful yak, yak, yak
Or whatever, so off limits, limits are off – carry me to the car.
Hello! Nighthawk, testing, testing anything real time stream of something else
Modern World or what it seems or so it seems watching people watching me,
Wet roads, words, images, flying searchlights, blank optics, zero gravitas
Going nowhere special, take care for now, free gallery, and yet…
Octavia fresh filled our own. High performance signs make space

Open turn your sell-out into good to go.
It’s an art, a great escape, but it’s an art all the same;
Break glass, pure indulgence, House of double support.
Glamorous eyes challenge all major local experts
Material Trixie-Dixie greetings, and yet…
Yeah yeah yeah, last minute, open them again, thank you!
Obscure the clouds years ahead instrument zone control.
Into the heart of body toning low flying standing weird logistics
Twist, pop, feel hot new stars while you wait. Don’t just take our
Walk that way, scan this way. Need shakers go for it loving the
Topless peep-bottom fit-out vibe-ringer no pause specialist.
Woop! Woop!


© A.C. Evans

NB image title: Subtopian Materialism

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