It’s 9/11

That thing we’re all going to watch
On television is about to happen

The pale blue sky is perfect
Ready for the cameras

Members of the audience
Are unconsciously gathering


Picking spots and chatting
Sharing popcorn, buying colas

Trust me, it’ll be amazing

The people not responsible
Will be taught a terrible lesson

Towns will be obliterated
Cities reduced to rubble

Fireworks costing trillions
Will be used to show us winning

Liberating Babylon

It’s how we deal with things
In a democracy. Seriously

Victory is the message
Great Britain loves America

Laurel and Hardy
Bush and Blair, our leaders

Killing farmers, peasants
Entire families. All ages

No distinctions

Attending weddings on a mountain
In a country somewhere different

We don’t need to know their language
Freedom’s universal




Steven Taylor




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