Interested? Don’t think I am, it’s too other, paranoid and disingenuous. I like the idea but not the execution, like how everything is linked, not how those connections are made.

We are a haunted generation, living in a past we invent for ourselves, everything available on demand, nothing lost from view or allowed to be forgotten.

UFOs, cuddly toys and cartoon characters emerge online, aghast at what this future holds. In time they will wish they were sepia memories and faded photos rather than digital loops and constant repeats.

Nostalgia’s become hauntology, an addiction to childhood, dreams deconstructed beyond repair: neutered and misremembered visions with newly reimagined soundtracks.

Don’t forget to looks both ways and avoid speaking to strangers, stay on the well-lit roads. Don’t play in ponds or climb trees alone, always tell your parents where you are going and ask a policeman if you are lost.

Nowadays, we know better than to trust anyone in uniform, prefer to stay indoors, eyes glued to our mobile phones. We message friends we’ve never met, text our partners from the other room, and order in supplies.

International Rescue always saved us, Tufty helped us safely cross the road. The Tomorrow People got there first and it’s not looking good: the world’s become a comedy, a musical, a travesty of what we hoped would be.

We were told so many wonderful stories but it turns out that somebody made them all up. In what was the glorious future back then, we can no longer delay our own demise.



   © Rupert M Loydell






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