The great Ever Never

Excessive freedom is perverted freedom

The fallen aquiline flyers

The new old omnipresent

From plagiarizer to Goliath!

Existing as extinct

Normally abnormal

Innovatively regressive

Everywhere from all places…

Opportunely epoch-making!

Sin deifies.

Some hospitals – someone’s Golgotha

A unit of measure for Man: Man on top of Man

He is free, does not depend on himself.

Street anger will not topple the state rule. It will only replace it by its like.

A lone wolf is the wolves’ hunt.

They put zeros to make up for the lack of counting numbers.

He’s the subpeak of every peak and the peak of all subpeaks!

Hate among those neighbours outlived them.

There is no quenching one’s thirst when drinking from the well of ignorance.

Immortality is indiscriminate in its choices. You can just as well be Caligula.

He is devoid of individuality… devoid of nothing.

You may have Seneca as your teacher – but if you are Nero…

They gave up on him only to help him carry on.

Satire is an angry negation of man’s degradation.

Painless execution is the philanthropy of the executioner.

Even animals cry when humans fight.

They wrestled to death gnawing at the bone and left it as fleshy as ever.

Dictatorship is priceless! Even democracy of the highest rank cannot do without it.

It is of no consequence who is in power. Bedpans are universal.

Uniformity knows no boundaries – Globalism is the guarantee.

Stop asking for more! It would have been ok if you possessed a lot but you possess nothing.

Thinking of Paradise triggers the kamikaze.

Man is a function of avarice.

An emblematic writer – the emblem of the status quo.

There is no vaccine against the homo sapiens virus.

Big theft unlike pickpocketing shall not send you to prison.

All are equal on the scaffold.

Goodness wears a straightjacket.






Dilian Benev
Translated by R. Tomova
Picture Nick Victor






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