If you put yourself in the picture, you get more likes: people pay attention to each other, not what you’re trying to sell. If you try to stay out of the way, foolishly thinking work can sell itself, then no-one will be looking or buying.

Personality drives social media: how sexy you are, how up-to-the-minute your product, how much anything bought now might be worth tomorrow. It’s all about presence and persona, ambition and desire; how ruthless you become or are. The product is you, not what you are selling, is anything that can be offered to a customer; the days of product placement and persistence are gone.

As the metaverse develops and grows, new technology will erase issues of geography and create a virtual world mirroring the real, where businesses can build ways and means to tell us everything we need to know. Here is a complete lifestyle platform to help us understand customer needs, prioritize features and define communities who are passionate about the latest trends and hope to use different approaches to empower themselves and enrich lives.

Individual risk assessment should be at the heart of decision making: practice integrating intelligence and strategy, become adaptable, rapid and flexible. Until now, marketing has been centred on emotional signals and meaningful responses, willing participation. Current available methods and limited analysis mean your head is where logic, fear and the monkey mind reside.




     © Rupert M Loydell
         Words and Picture.

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One Response to APPARENTLY

    1. Very neatly summarizes one of the many societal angles of steep decline . . .

      If I lived for a thousand years, might I discover a value in everything? That sadness was a folly, anger a displaced heat, and love the misunderstood quality behind the curtain? That home could only ever be a state of mind. That human development was over before it barely began.

      Comment by Lawrence Freiesleben on 16 July, 2022 at 6:53 am

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