apples for Apple Day


some Bramley Seedlings for mum’s pastry
Golden Russet for our red-haired son
the juice of Cox’s Orange Pippins
for his baby brother to suck on
Worcester Pearmain for my sweetheart
she is the apple of my eye
and in memory of my dear dad
fill a plate with perfect apple pie
Beauty of Bath and Newton Wonder
Laxton’s Superb – we kiss and pray
that for every home-grown Stroudie
there’s a home-grown Lodgemore Nonpareil
a deserved windfall for all teachers
be they average good or bad
sweet Sturmers for all shining schoolgirls
the pip for every sullen lad
a rotten apple for all preachers
young Eve was right – their God was wrong
apple maggots for all monarchs
and their sour corps of hangers-on
poisonous apples for Monsanto
organic apples for the Green
Golden Delicious for New Labour
so tasteless bland and in-between
apple fritters apple dumplings
charlottes crumbles glazed French tarte
chutney strudel scrumpy cider
each recipe a work of art
sharp apples served with demerarer
cloves and cinnamon clotted cream
almonds honey baked Alaska –
the stuff of everybody’s dream
so celebrate our apple history
keep apples ever close to heart
sow them grow them store them adore them
but never upset the apple cart
no never upset the applecart
Jeff Cloves
Stroud October 1999
Apple Day is the 21st of October and was launched
by Common Ground in 1990.
Common Ground was founded in 1983 by Sue Clifford 
Angela King and Roger Deakin (1943-2006).
In 1996 CG published Richard Mabey’s justly celebrated 
Flora Brittanica and campaigns for local distinctiveness 
and creative conservation throughout the UK.
Illustration: Claire Palmer

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