How can you sleep while your people are murdered
and your wife is placing orders in Harrods ?
Dandy dictator, the more that chaos
rages outside your impervious palace, the more
of a pathetic ostrich you’ve become,
too tasteless for anyone’s company.
Because you know if you step down,
if your feet touch that same ground
where the blood on your hands pools for real,
you’ll just be a Syrian anyone.

So you hide your head deeper in the sand
while your army enacts your psychosis for you
(confused with a little crafty Russian smoke…)
and your people die without command,
betrayed to the detonated core of their being.
What kind of war criminal turns away
fearing or pretending not to notice ?
Assad, you want to believe your wife is beautiful
as the next domestic delivery arrives
and that soon all this ghastliness will subside.

One day you will wake with lidless eyes.

Jay Ramsay

May 29th 2012

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