The shareholders sit in hard chairs, absorbing the hard facts. There have been significant losses in light and predictable weather patterns, with zero growth in perspective. Empathy has flatlined and integrity has taken a hit. Shares are shrinking and the chairs, too, are markedly smaller than they were yesterday. There are reports of declines in dietary options, bird species, and daytime radio playlists. Money, of course, talks, but the roads are flooded with collateral damage, so it couldn’t make the meeting, and instead Zooms in from an undisclosed location, far, far away. There are graphs and charts with lost abstracts, and promises cancelled in the speaking. The shareholders sit on the hard floor, but there’s no time for hard questions, as the signal’s breaking up, the sign  ‘s   eaking up, the si n  ‘s     king   .




Oz Hardwick
Photo Nick Victor






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