never beat the shuttered face the
stolen children tutored in Apocalypse
tortured images predictable exact
foetuses aborted while a doctor injects
small injuries with poison now
Yazidi women have been
scattered the connection breaks
the newsfeed freezes MPs
hanged from lampposts
their daughters soiled sold
but the Sun Girls now sing
they rape us so we kill them
scrolled down from equivalence
with Milton’s slaughtery sonnet

(Milton: Sonnet XXI)

Robert Sheppard
Illustration Nick Victor

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One Response to Avenge

    1. Yazidi women…few know, or want to sully their conscious conscience, of the atrocities. Fewer publicise the torture, rape, and murder that ensues from humanity’s continuing inhumanity.

      Paradise lost? It was never found.

      Comment by Glenys Arthur on 13 March, 2016 at 7:26 pm

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