Awen Ensemble on tour

A few words, pics and links to Awen music, from Alan Dearling

In old money, the Awen Ensemble is classy and smooth. A kind of reflective, jazzy, sometimes folksy ambient music with bass and horns! Celtic spoken words. Dreamscapes. Luminescent singing from Amy Clark, who evinces tonal memories of very early Joni Mitchell (back in the days when she was singing to seagulls).

They are young, talented and committed to their music.

Their recent session of ‘Ionawr’ from @sage_gateshead gave Awen the opportunity at their Summer Studios, to create a new video interpretation of their music.

Here’s an example of their seductive jazz sounds. The Awen Ensemble – Warp (Live from The Green Room):

Awen tell us that they are:

“A Leeds-based alternative folk jazz collective. Awen, meaning ‘poetic inspiration’ in Welsh, outlines the intention of our music to explore folkloric heritage, landscape and the human mind, inspiring audiences to reflect on and connect with these subjects.”

The live audience seemed to know how to ‘behave’. Many sat cross-legged, suitably subdued, contemplative. It reminded me of the long gone days when I went along to the quieter end of folk and jazz clubs in the 1960s. A sit-down affair. Arwen talk about taking, “…inspiration from modal tradition, spiritual jazz, and folk music found across the globe, creating compositions that are melodically focused and groove driven. Featuring spoken word, shimmering instrumentation and a Celtic mystique, the Awen Ensemble aim to bring a unique offering to the jazz table.​”

Indeed, they provide yet another offering from the rapidly evolving panoply of UK Nu-Jazz.

Amy Clark – vocals; Emyr Penry Dance – trumpet/flugel; Saul Duff – tenor saxophone; Samantha Binotti – vibraphone; Ruari Graham – guitar; Joe Wilkes – bass guitar; Eddie Bowes – drums.

Awen website:

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