Back in the Stirrup


Love supreme
Love supreme
Cupid’s bow
Cupid’s bow 
Keeps missing its target
John Coltrane
John Coltrane
Early November rain
Dog walkers out in numbers
Scooping up shit
Junkies on park benches
Awakening to no next hit
Pop garish billboards
Caesar an epileptic
Confident words managing
To blot bodily weaknesses 

Limitations of talent
Constrained by ego
Blamed for infamy
Full on rage
Full on rage
Minimalist prepared piano
Sounding like the Ramones
Unwitting norms
Unwitting norms
Lonely security
Against emotional 
Emotional storms

Dense fog
Hoovering over High Street
Orange of the bin men
Lights flashing
No sign of the sun
No sign of the moon
Find the treasure
There is to seek
Humiliation experienced
At an early age
A cage
Around the demeanour
Greener eyes behind
Expensive shades
A disguise 
A denial
As if there is no tomorrow
Declining to borrow
A site safe sorrow

Haunted by the ghosts 
Guilt and despair
Shiny new railings
A secret memorial
No flowers
Complacency granted 
The boot goes
Back in the stirrup
For now 
The boot goes
Back in the stirrup
For now 
For now
Back in the stirrup
The boot it goes
The boot it goes

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