Based On A Story I Was Told

“Let’s play pretend until
Our skin nurses tributaries and
Deep valleys carved in tribute
To memories
That weren’t ours,
But rather, what we wished it to be.

Call me by name:
Be it Juliet, or Portia,
Imagine Imogen, or Ophelia.
Let me drown in the sound
Of doomed tomorrows
Where love lost spurns cheering curtains,
With the promise of opening once more
To introduce fresh paramour.

Meet me tomorrow,
And tomorrow,
And tomorrow…
Let’s grow old, but not weary.
I ask not for truth but for you-
Love her, and I’ll be her
And we’ll skate on the rink of fantasy.

A love that never dies
Because it couldn’t-
Lingering on well worn pages
 And waiting in the wings.
 Relishing in make believings
  And the stuff of dreams.”






Megan Hopkin
Illustration Nick Victor

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