Beatitudes Now



Blessed are the consumers
May your Amazon drones fly into the sun
And give you a chance to clear your head!
Blessed are the small farmers
For you fingertips are like seeds
Your harvest lays siege to Monsanto
Blessed are the artists who are not corporate sponsored!
You’re the ones who will teach us Peace!
Will somebody give me a Peace-a-lujah today!
Blessed are you who confuse consumerism with freedom
You’ll be delighted to discover the difference. Amen!
Blessed are the immigrants!
We are crossing the desert and rivers and the tossing sea!
We are escaping to be with you!
Blessed are the beekeepers
We fly to touch a thousand flowers.
Pollination is Poly-amory-nation!
We are all Poly-national!
Blessed are the police.
There is an underground railroad from murdered love ones 
to the surviving loved ones.
Cops! Protesters! We are all on that train!
Blessed are the executives of Monsanto.
May you stop. Stop trying to copyright life.
Stop and Do nothing, just sit there… 
a kind of wise laughter will circle the earth like a super storm.
Blessed are the children. 
You must accept our gift of the kingdom of fire and flood.
May the Earth re-open the gardens for your children.
May the Earth do what we could not do.


Reverend Billy

Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Show
Come to Church on Sundays at 2pm now through December 20. Buy your tickets online.
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