(Suriya Recordings, 2023)

Sitar drones colour sky as the night seeks admittance
As Bruno Silveira De Oliveira’s Shaking Sphere find fresh orbits
In which to sail to your heart, which denies that night in this song,
While retaining all of its essence, each beauty, as stars spring
Through singing, and through the easing of strings, to make art.

Pulsation transports before guitar carries, as De Oliveira’s song
Turns what is almost Indian into folksong from a quite different shore.
As clouds above become frequencies and the tricks performed
By illusion compel to complete us as this single appeals
To the plural of each of us listening now, wanting more.

‘Fantasies are dreams we believe’ De Oliveria and Lorena Pires sing,
And as they coalesce the song sifts them, as instruments
Translate for each other to make this language and light
Behind sound. For Your Heart Denies The Night is a hymn
To her and they and all lovers of sensation and wonder

And of the spirits which spark above ground.
Each singer exults through the joyful ascent of their vocals,
The bubbling springs of endeavour as we each make our way
Through the world, epitomized by sitar, guitar and synth,
And percussion; each soundwave stirring potions

To nourish and shine this song-pearl
Of hope and of change as we resist the time
That would trap us, until the point we all realise
That by wanting more we are free. So, this ecstatic call
Pushes us, imploring us and adoring each star’s

Bright enchantment, until we recognise what to be.
This trio cojoin to share the spell they’ve made us.
Pires and Arthur Navarro and Edu Szjanbrum sail fresh seas.
And their song is a tide to bare you away and to cleanse you.
Chart your course as you listen and in approaching dawn

You will see hope held in the hand as in the lyric video
For this single. As hands create heart-shapes, sun kisses through.
For this is single as gift. This is sound as sensation. A folk stung
Eastern mantra that in following light finds what true.
Do not be afraid. Do not fear. And brave the dark

Which surrounds us. Song shared can show us
How to learn and to listen and how to finally know

                                 What to do.



                                                                       David Erdos 8/9/23 



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