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The Beef And Dairy Network Podcast

The Beef And Dairy Network Podcast is a comedy podcast I started making in July 2015. In April 2016, it joined the Maximum Fun podcast network.

It is the number one podcast for those involved or just interested in the production of beef animals and dairy herds.

6 episodes were broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in April/May 2017 and a further 4 episodes were broadcast in April 2018. Info here.

WINNER – Gold – Best Comedy at the British Podcast Awards 2017.

WINNER – Gold – Best Comedy at the British Podcast Awards 2018.

“A gorgeously absurd comedy podcast by Benjamin Partridge. Played completely straight, it offers total immersion in one man’s comedy world.”
The 50 best podcasts of 2016, The Guardian (read here)

“This is a lovely, funny show.”
The Observer (read review here)

“wonderfully deadpan” (read review here)

“an impressively funny program, featuring bizarrely hilarious and deadpan dispatches”
The A.V. Club (read review here)

“Walking down the road yesterday with my headphones on, I began to smile to myself, then chuckle, and finally – stopped in my tracks by the strange sensation – I let out a long, loud hoot of laughter.”
The Telegraph (read review here)

“A constant delight”
The Times (read review here)

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