Bippety and Boppety Discuss Self-Awareness

– I just figured out what kind of person I am.
– That took a while. What kind of person are you?
– I resent people. And I don’t bend over backwards to be popular.
– That does indeed sound like you.
– I think people are sometimes scared of me.
– I am scared of you sometimes. You are always ‘at it’, as they say. By which I believe they mean you are rather intense.
– I love to work. And I always want to improve. Work makes me stressed but it also enables me to grow.
– But do you like yourself?
– I think I can improve.
– Perhaps it would be better to not resent people.
– I only resent people I can’t stand.
– That’s fair enough.
– For example, that stupid ugly woman who’s 40 and just had twins. I can’t stand her.
– You shouldn’t think about her.
– But if I don’t think about her how on earth am I going to arrange her sudden mysterious unexplained disappearance?

Martin Stannard



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