Blessed are the Rich/Invaluable

Silent walls surround our ancient family –
An absence of pronouncement in the press
Our modest irreproachable dark dress –
Such lives avoid the taint of ostentation

Abjuring waves of monetary transgression
(The lake is placid where a sail expires)
We’ve tacked beyond the wind of all desires
Nor give occasion to the world for envy –

The facile sense that some have found a haven
Without responsibility or fault
(Our family crypt contains a secret vault)
Old money has humility of purpose

Meetings must of course be kept to time
Your quiet tie suggests you have the gist
Regrettably the Rolex tags your wrist
As someone yet removed from subtle battle –

True samurai need hardly show the sword
To indicate all status is distraction
We hope we have begun your education
We trust your stay remains a mystery



Those whose work we call
Seldom do receive
Such might be construed

It is a ‘Calling’ after all
A whatchamacall…

I so wish I had one myself
How I envy you
It must be wonderful


Bernard Saint
Illustration: Claire Palmer



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