Bohemian Girl

Leonie Scott Matthews, artistic director of Pentameters Theatre hasn’t wasted lockdown time. While her theatre’s been dark, she’s assembled her poetry, old and new, into a 21poem collection, Excelsior, published to raise funds for Pentameters. It’s also darn good. This photo of a teenage Leonie could be the Bohemian Girl of the poem. Excelsior will be sent to you in return for a donation to the theatre, so please contact  


“Who is that girl?”

“Just another ‘out of work’ actress
who’s been hanging around on and off
for the past few years
in the same faded denim dress and hairstyle.
She likes to give people the impression
that she’s a relaxed and aware intellectual,
but she’s nothing more
than an indolent, introverted dreamer
who refuses to grow up and accept responsibilities 

consequently she drifts around in a self-centred world 

saturated by her own intensity and abstract idealism.

A few guys hang around her
because she is reasonably attractive
and gives off a certain air of helplessness.
Though continually and earnestly asking for advice 

she only ever does
exactly as she had intended!

The first date will take the form
of a deep and involved conversation
during which she drains numerous glasses of wine 

together with your ‘soul’.
It is subtly done I must admit
and only later do you realise
that you’ve let out things
you haven’t confessed to anyone –
even yourself – for years.

So with your life
screwed up into a matchbox in her pocket 

you finally go home dazed,
lightheaded and rather exhausted.

She is the prime example

of a latent bourgeois reactionary 

living in no-man’s land.

Will say no more my lad 

go find out for yourself. 

Maybe you can save her, 

though I doubt it.

Still, you never know do you?
You have a complicated past
and she laps that up.
More to talk about and analyse
during those everlasting soul searches. 

Buy me a couple of pints

and I’ll introduce you at the pub tomorrow. 

Don’t rely on it though
she’s somewhat unpredictable.”

Leonie Scott Matthews

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3 Responses to Bohemian Girl

    1. Dear Leonie, Well done, it is so much a reflection of our lives in the 1950’s and remembering our school magazine Excelsior brings back so many interesting things we experienced, we were so innocent in those days or should I have said some more than others. Looking forward to meeting again when allowed

      Comment by Wendy Judge on 30 June, 2020 at 12:44 pm
    2. Well done,I of course remember this very well from
      your past writing!!???

      Comment by Annette on 3 July, 2020 at 6:45 am
    3. That’s a memory lane, archetypal blast, from the collective
      dream symbols of the charming
      and delightfully dubious 60’s…

      A heady mix of west end acid consuming gansters, spiritual
      movers and shakers, lost souls in Biba garb, replete with their
      vegetarian visionary boyfriends…

      A rag tag band of gypsies and spiritual cowboys.
      United in their disparate desperate desire to change the world…

      You look so alluring and atractive leonie.
      a whimsically wise woman standing outside the Roundhouse
      Myself longing to approach you, but to shy in my green
      St Aloyius school blazer…

      It was only rockin’roll but we really did like it.Ho Ho !..

      Comment by Stephen lyons on 13 August, 2020 at 12:21 pm

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