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RoyPoet-73Brainfruit is currently in pre-production for a new show for 2018.

Meanwhile – here’s what happened with our last award winning tour of ‘Fiery Tongues’ By Heathcote Williams.


“A Picker Pucker Panoramic Poetry Parade” – John Hegley

The tour went fantastically, and the show kept growing and developing. Over the course of our London and Brighton gigs, we welcomed over 30 guests to sing, chant, recite and rouse…

“Great fun joining in with. Really lovely show. See it!” -Mark Thomas 


And take a look at this! An incredible review from 3 Weeks about our recent Edinburgh run:

‘Tears were streaming down my face, my feet would not stop tapping, and I was whispering along, wanting to be chanting. Spellbindingly performed with live music, this show opens with Auden’s provocative statement and proceeds to demolish it, by travelling through poetry’s intersection with politics. Ranging widely in time and space, from Tahrir Square to Fukushima to Mesopotamia, this is not canonical school stuff – it’s electrifying and erudite, passionate and political. This deserves to be sold out, packed out, standing room only. I’m going again, taking everyone who cares about anything.’


‘Fiery Tongues is a revolution in poetry. And it’s the revolution in poetry’ – Jeremy Hardy

An extraordinary work from the writer Heathcote Williams (Glasgow Herald Archangel – Lifetime’s Achievement Award Winner). Poetry can seriously undermine authority figures. It gets under the skin of those whose brains have been made rigid by power. ‘The right words, in the right place’ can cut deep and change the world. Featuring the verse, lyrics and music of Maya Angelou, Jim Morrison, Billie Holiday, Sophie Scholl, Emily Dickinson, Abu al-Qasim al-Shabbi, Martin Luther King, William Blake, Arundhati Roy, Victor Jara, Gil Scott-Heron, Lupe Fiasco and many, many others, this groundbreaking show is a celebration of those who have spoken up against tyranny while making our hearts pound. Narrated by Roy Hutchins with Jonny Fluffypunk, Sameena Zehra, Selina Nwulu plus special guests. Live music by Mike ‘Dr Blue’ Directed by Paul Hodson.

‘Mind-swaying’ – Beat Generation Poet Michael McClure

‘Deeply enriching… a magnificent poetic call-to-arms’ – Jonny Fluffypunk

‘A production of exquisite grace and beauty’ SallyHarrop

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