bread and bombs


from the most violent of skies:

the most heinous

of acts.


they’re dropping bread.

they’re dropping bombs.


sustenance and slaughter,

disproportionately measured

by the same hand.


no loaves, nor fishes

– no feast for the multitude.

no miracles for the masses.


– tokenistic offerings

placating adversaries.

absolutions of guilt.


in the faces of the forsaken:

sunken eyes

and hollowed cheeks.


… pray, let the crows not gather.



as audience,

in a theatre most horrid,

can all but watch …


avert one’s eyes

for the sake of dignity,

of humanity?


continue as witness

less never to forget?



emma lumsden





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One Response to bread and bombs

    1. I like your poem, Emma! Well done!

      Comment by Steph Naylor on 21 April, 2024 at 12:29 am

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