Brexit Meals

Brexit meals

As Britain exits the European Union, there is a feeling the Island is getting smaller, are we going back in time, one more time! Back to 1970’s time!
As we hurtle back to pre-Europe, a time of bad food and sauce on everything.
Is this the future of Brexit, will we turn our backs on everything desirable and tasty Europe gave us.
If we think of the petty, xenophobic, right wing, egotistical politicians that have led us down this path, it feels like a bleak future.
Have we been given a true representation of Brexit, a bit like the presentation of the food in the pictures, is it a true representation of British food? It feels deceptive and messy, to create a confused tired state with rumours and lies is to to take the pressure of you politically when the changes happen. Were these changes supposed to happen? who can remember amongst the confusion and mis information, its a jokers paradise!
As Britain says goodbye to Europe will we hurtle back in time to less rights and a free for all for the rich and powerful, judging by the people behind Brexit it looks like a step back in time for everyone except the elite.

Music on the slide show from The Sweeney T.V. Soundtrack and titles quotes from Brexit politicians.





Ben Graville

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    1. Not true. Did you not see the leaders of the EU lined up to support Francoist paramilitary forces for clubbing grandmothers over the head for having the temerity to try to vote in Catalonia referendum? The EU is a fascist system and run by criminals. Some of them convicted.

      Comment by Dave Lawton on 1 February, 2020 at 6:25 pm

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