Buddha and me

We looked at each other

in disbelief.


and me.

He was clad

in an  age old

duplicate polo sweatshirt

and a hippie donated blue jeans.

Whereas I was

wearing a saffron robe .

After a while,

little rattled

by our silence,

we smiled indulgently

and then looked at each other

with belief.

The blue of the sky

beckoned invitingly.

We sat together

dipping out feet

in the creek

within a circle of ferns

and mature tall trees

far from the  horns

and screeching brakes

of time.




-Bhuwan Thapaliya
Illustration Nick Victor


Nepalese poet, Bhuwan Thapaliya is the author of four poetry collections.  Bhuwan Thapaliya’s books are Safa Tempo: Poems New and Selected (Nirala Publications, New Delhi), Our Nepal, Our Pride (Cyberwit.net, Allahabad), Rhythm of the Heart( Lulu Publication) and Verses from the Himalayas. Thapaliya has read his poetry and attended seminars in venues around the world, including South Korea, the United States, Thailand, Cambodia, and Nepal. His poems have been widely published in leading literary journals, newspapers and periodicals such as Kritya, Pandemic Magazine, The Foundling Review,  Strong Verse, International Times, Countercurrents.org, myrepublica , The Kashmir Pulse, Taj Mahal Review,  Poetry Life and Times, Ponder Savant, VOICES( Education Project),  Longfellow Literary Project, Poets Against the War etc. His poetries have also been published in the CD’s and Books such as The New Pleiades Anthology of Poetry (ISBN 1- 878431-52- 8) , Tonight: An Anthology of World Love Poetry (The Poets Printery, East London, South Africa,2008, pp.118, Paperback, ISBN 0-620-41372-7), The Strand Book of International Poets 2010 , of Nepalese Clay, Pratik and in many more.


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