From an adjacent field
a detailed message
sleep will come like pauses
in recordings there’ll be
jolts & ticks & the odd
buzzing of a fly
the hearth could do with
being swept there’s not
been a fire lit since spring
imagine a Dutchman working
in Italy carving out his dream
think of the fruit growing
in hedgerows usually ready
before departure the act
of filling a notebook with lines
to the edge of the paper
engage in the local customs
bread left outside if travel
to the bakery is not possible
by law the price needs to be
posted reading Helen’s translations
is revelatory
to the city & modes
of transportation pads of softened
strings refill the glass with water that
quietens the music adds the requisite
amount of ambience almost like
having a pianist in the room
bamboo chimes in melodious
repetition the paper has a sheen
like intercité tracks a quality
new note book leave the cover
natural cover any motifs with
stickers soft like a practice pedal
improvisation go to the beginning
to move forward

Andrew Taylor



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