torn down from the sky saviour the time
melts into sands those 21 century disconents
the maps of man-made heaven tears fill
cups on the cusp of human disillusion from
teachings these moral crusades which flash
on the inner & outer glimpses the world’s pain
spins on an axis commandeered in the hands
where one is worth two in the bush those years
those historical landscape sweepstakes bled in
misfortunes happier times crawled into the light
flashing now blue & white the ligature your despair
fills such a bottomless well of your discredited heart
which beats again & again on the borders your sanity
fired & burning in the burnished privileges alleged
by weeping mournful politicians sweeping for the kill
the most unnatural of planet deaths.


Clive Gresswell
Pic: Rupert Loydell




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