Charlie’s Weekend

A very brief interlude mostly in pictures…Alan Dearling

The photo above was taken on Coronation Day about 3pm. Nothing is moving. Roads without people. Maybe everyone is glued to their TVs and radios, maybe they are celebrating at home or with friends. Or maybe they’ve gone to the local Spoons in Todmorden for sustenance, or to forget about Charlie entirely. The following day I’d spotted that the Trades Club was putting on a ‘No buntings’ reggae afternoon. The poster seemed fitting for Socialist Club with probably Republican inclinations among many of its members.

At Trades Club it is something of an institution to invite families and lots of toddlers along to afternoon sessions. And so it was too for this alternative coronation event. Six DJ outfits blasted the Trades Club with plentiful loud and bass-heavy selections of reggae, ska and soul and even a little hip-hop at the Trades Club! As the organisers suggested: “Family Friendly Event – NB We strongly recommend ear protectors for little skankers”

The Trades Club lies near the Rochdale Canal in picturesque, tourist-magnet Hebden Bridge. It is relatively small, but punches way above its weight. It frequently plays host to major international star performers as you can see in the pics. Charlie’s afternoon reggae event was fun for the wildly cavorting little ‘uns and plenty of DJs and punters were in attendance in the Club bar enjoying the vibes and also the lush food from Ros’s Indonesian kitchen. 

A long, long way removed from the pomp and antique reverberations of the Westminster and central London coronation ceremonies, the State carriage, religious rites, processions, parades and military marching. Really quite refreshing in its own way. One wonders if Charlie would be amused?

Trades Club Socialist Co-operative:

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