Chinaski Talks About The Riots

Chinaski Talks

‘I’ve got a system to explain why you had the riots,’ 
he says, pouring another drink. ‘It’s like the one I use 
at the races – the artillery system – and you get a bunch 
of people to give you their reasons for the riots and then it’s 
simple: you select the one that is repeated the most. That’s 
the explanation.’ He pours another drink. Downs it in one. 
Pours another. ‘You just have to make sure,’ he says, ‘that 
the people aren’t all bankers and other fucks from finance 
or any parts of the capitalistic world, because ironically 
you won’t get anywhere near the truth about winners and 
losers, and the system is going to let you down. Then look in 
the crapper for your reasons, or try another system. I’ve got 
loads of them and overall I’m running about even at 
the races, but not rolling in it like some rich asshole.’ 

Mike Ferguson 

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