Collage Art

Imagination exists by the grace of the imperfect, the unfinished and the unknown.  In the collage techniques Tinca Veerman has been making over the last couple of years, the unfinished and the unknown are ever-present. It’s possible the observer will make the connection with its origin, say the nose of an airplane or a sea anemone, or leaves with the suggestion of a possibly absurd story. The titles of her works are just as important as the actual picture. They add to the imagination and are reflections of her own associations with an image. Tinca looks for the borders between the real and the unreal, between refinement and deformation.
Tinca Veerman (1964, Eindhoven) graduated in 1990 from the HKA, department of Liberal Arts. She regularly worked at the FM Centre for Graphic Techniques in Kasterlee, Belgium. She also ran the LN label.  Since 1994, Tinca lives and works in Amsterdam.

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