• Collage 

    My name is Jim Morrison and I was born on the day he died 
    One time I pooped in an elevator 
    Wow, 100 likes every second. Crazy. 
    Short attention span – happy. 
    Lucy will lead you to the Lizard king. 
    Listening to The Ghost Song 
    I’m from Mars, that’s strange, 
    Felt like the Phantom Zone from the Superman Comics. 
    Listening to The Doors, outdoors, indoors or with no doors 
    Listening to Jim in the warm blackness of a summer night near the seaside 
    Blacking out and then waking up the next morning 
    Being followed by shadows 
    Falling out of love with someone 
    Dreaming awake: 
    It involved cake 
    Catching my boyfriend crossdressing 
    Kiddy pools and hotel roofs, 
    When I was in love 
    My voice. It no longer expressed words 
    It expressed my soul; 
    Not in the right frame of mind 
    Dropped some acid 
    Being believed unworthy to the point you denied a reality: 
    Robby and Ray In Prague. 
    Been in jail up in the states 
    I can predict the future now –
    Complete Works of Shakespeare come flying out of the bookcase 
    No one remembers your name. 
    As clear as day a male and female voice in unison say my name, 
    In fact, some girl who was similar to me in age and stature
    -Every day in Pakistan is strange these days 
    Associate it with an Irish Banshee… 
    Being a dissociative amnesiac and becoming a piece of furniture 
    This is the most disturbing section ever, 
    Phoenixes made of colored sand above us 
    Fall away only to form another phoenix 
    Thinking you’re Jim Morrison reincarnated 
    Jim, save us – Nice try, Fb i 
    Had sex with a gal in a bathroom and she cried, alive she did 
    Long, everyday, surviving the 2012 apocalypse. 
    I thought a mountain was a turtle 
    Reading all the grammatical errors that people post 
    Watching an Eagle riding on a camel’s back 
    The number 15 constantly recurring 
    It’s an Indian thing!

    *This piece is inspired by (and comprised of) the comments left under a post on The Doors’ Facebook fanpage.

  • Puslenghea Bogdan
    Collage: Claire Palmer


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