Piano alleyed Mayfair dance
End of October
Stuck in my ear
A rendezvous of opera
I wish my masked font
My gullibility to hold up
A room bit sized up
Etched up every flesh nuanced up
When the floor creaks in
Flooding hoops and
Metaphors of checked tiles
I want to sound bulletproof
Basking in the sun razor blade motion
Reminiscing old selves
Each surfaces with every drink
Old times my biting forgetfulness
My eccentric page turning dog eared
In full accommodation
As if I live in the hotel
King sized queen sized
Munching each shape as should be done
Under the mattress
Matters of the heart unchecked
Sky rocketing ambition
When dips down
Makes a glassskin of my knob
A hollow point
To start over
Dark blue guitar strings after the movie
French thoughtful points
Foreign, exotic nuanced way
I bit my lip
A skewed way
My finesse my fingers wet with dew
The coming winter.




Sayani Mukherjee.
Picture Nick Victor

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