Born bad, intrinsically bad, screaming demanding.
Self-centered baby, my need is all, self is want
Incessant hunger driving, searching
Eat everything, Then shit, then sleep.

Human being, going where?

Born good, love giving, trusting, intrinsically good
Innocent, uninhibited, free wide-eyed wonder
Simple needs, content and warm accessing new ways
To absorb my world, your world, to connect with life.

Human being, going where?

Born bad, grow into good, show me good
Move from greed, from I, me, you, you, me
What’s true; us? Watch for signs, How to grow
How to love, how to share, to lose self-ish

Human being, going where?

Born good, temptations flood daily assaulted
Screens flicker, ideas quicker, sugar, fast, pretty, bright
How to tell greed from need, light from dark
Resistance seems futile, there-there don’t cry

Human being, going where?

Born bad, profit leads, consumer feeds, valued skills
Anger fuels, hate works, clamber up the chain of waste,
Glory condones, justified killing, hate versus hate
Successful wanker/banker steals hay while the sun kills.

Human being, going where.

Born good, gives love, weak fool, truth tells
Feels pain, looks insane, creator not appropriator.
Not a killer Prey for the hunters, slave to the rich
Conscience stinging, poppies are blood.

Human being, going where?

Born bad, ever hungry, badge wearing zealot
Full of pride, always right, loves the patriotic fight.
Condemning love as weakness, freedom as Chaos
Difference as danger, defending lies till death.

Human beings, going where?

Born good, tears flow for the oppressed and lonely
Stand in defiance to be cut-down-trodden scorned.
Show the world, how to love how to give with peaceful courage
How to encourage equality and reason, love versus hate.

Human being, going where?

Born good, born bad, born as raw material
Shaped by a lottery, what are the odds?
What will you do? What will they learn?
What will you show this child, born into your care?

Human being, going where?


Francis de Aguilar ©2014
Illustration Nick Victor


By Francis de Aguilar

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