Cold sweat and dark
abstract terror set in.
The inner silence of the
runner, there
Lay the banality of death
As muscular exhaustion.
Reset’s spell
The effect is only its own
The lizard, more concentrated and
Faster than the chameleon
Let’s hope whatever’s not.
Will firm.
Your face divine in my
Mind, face palm mind
If something seems totally
unexplainable find
A ridiculous theory, fully
embrace it:
Reality will follow words.
Complete words. Forever
Stones. Opaque and solid,
are, unlike eggs or ice
Meanwhile moving, I’m
moving (my free fine)
Particles through space,
the fruit
In this marathon, imaginary
Of fear. Star of the movie show.
You rebelled then again
And changed the theme.
And changed the theme.


Bogdan Puslenghea
Illustration Nick Victor

By Bogdan Puslenghea

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