Corporate Constitution

Corporate Constitution

“Always the eye watching you”
“Nothing was your own
except the few cubic centimetres
inside your skull”

the corporations were deemed persons,
they were endowed by their creators with all rights
And among these were:

the right to abridge freedom of speech for employees;

the right to abridge freedom of assembly
both for employees and,
the place of employment was a public place,
for non-employees who might wish to protest
some practice of the corporation;

the right to deny employees any possibility
of petitioning for a redress of grievances;

the right to make employees subject to
unreasonable searches and seizures,
on the grounds
that they are not unreasonable because
the company owns you while you’re at work;

the right to deprive employees of their property,
that is, the job,
without due process of law;

the right to deny others a speedy trial
by burying them in paperwork;

the right to lobby legislators to enact laws
to exempt them,
to drastically reduce their liability,
from lawsuits stemming from their malfeasance;

the right to deny people time off to vote;

the right to profit from the virtual slave labor
of prisoners;

And these
and other rights not enumerated here
have been ratified by all levels of government


Michael Ceraolo
illustration Nick Victor


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