Cultural Accretion



Thinking of infrastructure, my first thoughts would be of concrete. Over time, anything and everything can accrue to clog up something. That it is rooted in tradition and cemented [resistance is futile] in knowledge means the iconoclasts and freaks and non-conformists and innovators and obdurate work with a different adhesive. On this Super Saturday, we shall see the accumulation of all our traits writ large. Independence. Starkey would have a ‘genius of a people’ view, but at last his voice was heard and denied. How we must dissociate ourselves from it. Apparently, my lineage is from the Yankee exodus, that dissenting Protestantism I wrapped up quickly in denying the existence of a god, and moving to live overseas. Then there is symbolic accretion, and with statues chucked into rivers, the fluidity of who we are can improve.




Mike Ferguson
illustration Rupert Loydell



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