Cutting our Links

Is your strategy working?

Could it be that we are
attempting to communicate?
To a moth this is a sophisticated
and highly dangerous enemy
but the city has something
more elaborate in mind and
who needs luck when you
have a solid plan of action?

“Our trail has gone cold”,
she said. Far from solving
the mystery this search has
deepened it. Meanwhile,
he told me you were waiting
for him at the station.
Are we talking here about
the unpredictable ways
that objects move?

Water holes are dangerous
traps for thirsty animals yet
a city’s like a mirror – when
you look at it you see yourself.
“At every stage we test the
components to check they
are running smoothly”, she said.
It’s a question of imagining the
world differently or so we thought.


Steve Spence
Illustration: Claire Palmer

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