Imagine, for a moment, that the law doesn’t recognise your ability to feel joy, fear, pleasure, or pain – nor your ability to learn, or your consciousness of the world around you.

Unless the UK Government introduces new laws recognising animal sentience before 1 January 2021, that terrifying prospect will face every single one of the UK’s farm animals.

If you live in the UK, please email your MP today. Urge them to use their influence to ensure animals are recognised as sentient beings in post-Brexit legislation.

Email your MP



In 2017, thanks to a campaign spearheaded by Compassion – and the dedicated efforts of thousands of campaigners – the Government committed to include animal sentience in UK law post-Brexit.

Since then, the Government has repeatedly pledged to deliver on its promise. Yet, three years on, and with the end of the EU transition period rapidly approaching, it has failed to take any action.


When the EU transition period ends, EU law recognising animals as sentient beings will no longer apply in the UK – so it’s essential the UK Government introduces new legislation before then.

If the Government does not act by the end of this year, British animals will be left with no legal recognition of their ability to think and feel.

Future UK Governments could decide not to treat animals as sentient beings. We must act now to avert this unthinkable animal welfare disaster.

Please, act now: demand new legislation is in place to protect animals before the UK leaves the EU.

By Heidi Stephenson

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