Diary of a Shape Shifter


The Ballad of Harry and Dirty Pete



Now Harry had a seagull

Whose name was Dirty Pete

Who wore a nice white jacket

And pink wellies on his feet.


Now when old Harry was sleeping

And snoring in his bed,

Dirty Pete’d fly round the room

And leave presents on his head.


On Fridays they’d go boozing

Down at Bilge’s Inn,

At closing time they’d stagger home

And make an awful din.


One night they had a drunken fight

And Pete blacked Harry’s eye,

So the very next day for breakfast,

Old Harry had seagull pie.


And now they say on certain nights

That up and down that street

You can hear the beat of ghostly wings

And phantom wellied feet.


From “Diary of A Shapeshifter”.

Published by Beul Aithris Publishing 





By Kevin Patrick McCann

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