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3 live bands. “Lively and diverse” suggests Alan Dearling who took the pics

Dead Raze

An impressive duo. They look good and sound even better! Formed in 2022 in Liverpool, they have been kicking up sandstorms – dark, rumbustious clouds of garage punk noise across the North-West of England. 

They describe themselves as , “…a two-piece punk/blues outfit.” Fronted by Irishman, Matthew Cawe with Ollie Fontaine on drums. Adding that, “The band takes influence from swamp blues and old school punk rock, playing slide guitar through a mudslide of distortion.”

I believe that Dead Raze have already recorded an album in Iceland, and are now gigging across the UK, and in the Czech Republic and Germany.

There are quite a few singer-guitarist/drummer duos on the go around the music circuit at the moment including the Pretenders’ James Walbourne’s ‘other’ band,  His Lordship, and from Halifax, the Hazy Janes. Dead Raze are great proponents of this genre. The Dead Raze sound, and particularly their attitude, reminded me of Dr Feelgood – rock ‘n’ roll melded onto punk. As I’ve already said, ‘Impressive’, and I gather they are very swiftly learning their stagecraft, added to which they have some powerful, edgy songs. A stonking set despite Matthew having to put one of his guitars aside with power problems. I look forward to seeing them again. Check them out…

Their latest video for ‘In the House’ is online: https://www.facebook.com/Deadraze/videos/5684734028298594

And here’s their track ‘Horrors’: https://youtu.be/HSbh2GKLRlQ

Freya Beer

Here’s some of what I read about Freya in advance of the gig.

“Upcoming Gothic-Disco Queen”

“Freya Beer is the newest leader of the dark goth pack” – Manchester’s Finest

“Freya Beer is the future pop diva, the 21st-century post-punk torch singer you will all fall in love with” – John Robb, Louder Than War

“…a voice as haunting and stunning as Lana Del Rey’s is, she is an incredible package stood before you” – RGM Magazine

Headlining the three-band night at the Golden Lion, Freya is certainly living an ‘image’. One of the ‘Queen Goth’, who is a mix of fashion icon and a member of the Literati. Live, the band offered a fairly poppy mix of material with plenty of opportunities to work as a polished unit. But, ultimately it is Freya who captures the spotlight. The audience was perhaps smaller than she is getting used to, partly perhaps, because it came immediately after a couple of days of rail strikes. But, the band played on, and there were glimpses of the ‘raw and thrilling new talent’ that has earned her on-going support from BBC6 Music.

‘Beast’ was her debut album in 2021 and ‘The Siren’ represents more than a slice of glam rock. She quickly followed ‘Siren’ with ‘The Calm Before The Storm’, a massed wall of grunge guitars and Owain Hanford’s thrashing drums.

From the online PR info, I believe that the album produced five singles including what they describe as, “the mesmerising crowd favourite, ‘To The Heavens and all its Work’ and the very different ‘Pure’.”

The band listing tells us that the Freya Beer Band features  Pete Hobbs (the Boy Least Likely To ) on guitar, Owain Hanford on drums and Arnoldas Daunys on bass. Freya also plays guitar in addition to front of house vocal duties.

Here’s the video for the darkly chilling, ‘Love Child’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuGF6aErYso

Freya has recently released two new singles: ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Galore’ to coincide with her short-ish UK tour.

Here’s the video for ‘Fantasy’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBIuZkocoTs





Wax-Tree-Cast hail from Halifax. They were formed in mid-2020, and consist of lead vocalist and bassist, Oolagh Hodgson, James Newsome on drums, and songwriter Blair Murray on lead guitar. Strong on glam image and matching stage clothes.  They’ve recently been out on tour with Steve Mason and are scheduled to be on the bill at the prestigious Piece Hall in Halifax in August supporting  The Charlatans and Johnny Marr.

Live – their sound is quite grungy. Much more so than on their videos and record. Theirs is a lively brand of jangling, noisesome guitar pop with an undertow of Germanic-styled vocals. ‘She’ which was a central feature of their live show is the latest single: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZGtZ_30yvg

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