Digital Nomads

Recently, Alan Dearling was contacted by Ari Z Satlin, together with Santiago Nieto.

They wrote to me, saying that they have apparently formed a world-wide collective of musicians for “healing ourselves and others through music”. They deem their music as ‘psy-chill’. Certainly it is ambient, psychedelic-electronica. A playlist for the musical travellers who want to reach the centre of their brains, perhaps!

Based in New York in the United States. Within a very short time they’ve gained an impressive viewing figure for their first musical extravaganza of about 4,000, via the platform, ‘the Psychedelic Muse’.

Ari told me: “My original idea for Digital Nomads was to be a super electronica group not just a duet. And, an open door to producers and musicians to bring their talents to this vision. Only requirement is it has to be super quality. Either through collaboration or tracks being sent, or re-mixes.

So, in light of that thought; don’t be surprised when this tribe starts growing and releasing tracks.

Recently we’ve also been part of the mission to spread healing by teaming up with healers: Ecstatic Dance, Reiki and Massage therapists – whatever and whoever is in the business of healing people in any positive outlets. This mission has nothing to do with money or fame. Those things are nice but there’s been a calling higher than me to do this. Whether I’m imagining it or it’s actually happening only time will tell.”

Ari performs as ZMan8, whose music is featured in this compilation video-mix. Here’s a link to an interview with Ari for Lots of interesting references (and links) to psych-music and native American cultural influences, especially through his music in the ‘Rebirth of Red Cloud’:

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