Dining Out on Dodgy Narratives


Never chew what can be swallowed-
my suggested strap-line
for governments who
will happily feed you mussels, clams
& oysters with your television.
So long as you get the point-
Stop talking to each other.
Your government’s got you covered.
Don’t worry & certainly never think.
Shall I leave my brain to science –
take heed of administrators not scholars?
Will I take the tyrants’ hand if they say
it’s good for my health? But wait –
I am neither Judas, Pharisee nor coward.
Not far from the surface of this quake
rests loving anarchy. I shall make my
stand with the prophets
radicals who say – you cannot buy
what you can never comprehend.



Copyright Simon Heathcote
Photo Thomas John




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