Fluttering her eyeleashes at Kings, Billionaires,
Doctors, Soldiers, she flirted further
Than Cleopatra’s appeal.

There seemed to be no end to her need
To embroil every man; from rejection,
She still founded a kingdom from the walls

Of want most men feel. Today there was news
Of her saucy postcard sent to a former King
Of Greece. Her cum-punning, showed a low

But high sense of humour, and yet,
One can also discern the zones of danger
She courted; often indiscreet, her distemper

And that little girl blush cast a net
Snagging her as she snogged, promised more,
Or gave gladly. She could have played grandly

Into the studied hands of the dark
Who shaped restraint and the dire demand
For order, outdated now, but back then,

In the 90s, tradition could still stain and mark.
Of course, it was just a postcard. So this
Is little more than conjecture. Diana’s rule

Has grown greater than if she had made it
To Queen.She had a virtual army of men,
as did Margaret Thatcher. She could well have wrought

a republic from how high
She chose to raise her skirt seam. And God knows,
She had the divine right to do so; taking the pip

And piss is the province of those who are free.
And yet this piece of paper I saw, this tranche
Through tree makes me wonder; just how do we

Rouse the rebel if we are to sustain anarchy?
Women know best. But then they always do.
There’s no question.. Now, in the dream-world,

Diana is, while perhaps playfully posing,
Laughing with abandon as she teaches
Love itself how to be.



David Erdos 16/5/23




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